Company History

Donato “Don” Telesca began his lifelong plastics career at Consolidated Molded Products, at one time the largest plastics facility in the world, as an office boy circa 1945.  Don climbed the corporate ladder to Director of Salesbefore Consolidated closed in 1981.  Northeastern Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Don and a longtime friend and coworker Ned Evans, a production manager with Consolidated. With Don’s expertise in sales and Ned’s experience working with machines, the pair merged their unique talents to begin this new business venture.


Five injection molding machines were purchased at auction from the defunct Consolidated Molded Products. The machines were located in 10,000 square feet first floor space at 315 Poplar Street, the annex building at the Northeastern Plastics’ current location.


The company had a modest beginning, only employing family members. Don and Ned stayed persistent, gained momentum, and grew.


In 1989, Don and Ned purchased JED Industries, a customer at the time with a proprietary line of swimming pool accessories, JED Pool Tools.  Don's daughter Cindi and her husband Alan began running this company and assisted with Northeastern Plastics.  


Ned Evans retired in 1994, and Don and Mary (Pearl) Telesca, Don’s wife, took full ownership of the companies. Cindi and Alan purchased the JED Pool Tools division in 2005 as Don continued to manage Northeastern Plastics.


Don ran the business until his passing in June of 2012. Cindi and Alan subsequently purchased the assets of Northeastern Plastics, Inc. and merged the businesses that summer.  The company continues to grow and operates in the entire 130,000 square feet building complex of production and warehouse space. 


Cindi and Alan’s cornerstone principles are family, hard work, and integrity with a commitment to domestic manufacturing and second chances. The third generation of Telesca/Heyen entrepreneurs has begun working for the company and looks to build on what their grandfather and parents have established. With a dedicated staff and determined leaders, the company is positioned for growth and looking forward to whatever the future has in store for manufacturing in the USA.


Here at Northeastern Plastics Quality is paramount. We are immensely proud of the products we produce and that shows in their quality!



Without the skill to produce a top of the line product our goal of producing the highest quality injected molded plastics would be unreachable. Always striving to not just keep pace, but be a leader in the industry leads us to constantly educating and improving our knowledge base.



Skill and quality are all for naught if you are not producing product in a conscientious way. Here at Northeastern Plastics we pride ourselves on being a "Made in the USA' company that strives for a family oriented, positive work environment that is safe, moral and ethical on all fronts!





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